Open House

Join hundreds of Webflow users from around the world for the largest virtual meetup of the year.

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2nd Annual

Community Organized Global Open House

March 24, 2022 - 12:30-5pm ET

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Special Appearance by:

Vlad Magdalin

No-Code Community Panel:

Why community and no-code go together like peanut butter & jelly

Karthik (KP) Puvvada

The "Build In Public" Guy. Program Director of @beondeck

Vriti Saraf

vriti.eth | Building: the EDUVERSE on Web 3.0

Grimur Grimsson

Video Producer on the Education Team at Webflow.

Join a few hundred of your favorite Webflow friends for a moderated panel discussion with three of the most prolific educators, community builders, and no-code innovators on the planet.

Raymmar Tirado - CMO Finsweet
Is it just a coincidence that no-code and community marketing are taking off at the same time? Or is there something more at play? 

During the discussion we will:

  1. Get into the weeds to dissect the driving forces behind the rapid growth of no-code and community marketing.
  2. Uncover what it takes to stand out in this competitive creative climate.
  3. Outline how you can use no-code and community engagement to elevate your creative career.
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Join us for the first ever global community selfie!

Say Cheese!

Breakout Sessions: 

Jonas Beisswenger - Melissa Mendez-Cardozo - Emanuel Skrobonja - Rohan Ganachari - Keith Armstrong - Grace Walker - Emily Giordano - Lacey Kesler - Jonathan Holden - Maggy Monceaux - Penny Olorenshaw - Jeremy Leroux - Max Haining - Glenn McWhinney - Cedrik Dudek - Joseph Berry - Jonathan Morin - Claudia Cafeo - Sara No Socks - Edmund Amoye - Vincent Bidaux - Kabarza - Andrae Kirkland - Joel Whitaker - Nelson Abalos - Connor Finlayson - Adam Mura - Alicja Suska - Ben Issen - Dan Anisse - Felix Gonzalo - Florencia DeSimone - Josh Jacobs - Lucas Panchorra - Magdalena  Tracz-Ganachari - Maria Alkoreiel - Mason Poe - Rachael Thomas - Victoria Perez - Zack Bujazia

Organizing Committee:

Raymmar Tirado - Colleen Brady - Aviv Shwartz - Victoria Perez - Giuseppe Craparotta - Penny Olorenshaw - Jay Poucher - Mirela Prifti - Maria Karavá - Jeremy Leroux - Michael Collins - Adrien Lexington - Magdalena Tracz-Ganachari - Brandon Tancott - Anto Aryanto - Rachael Thomas  - Daniel Brassnyo